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Whether you have decided to switch your current insurance provider, need to transfer your insurance from another province, or are purchasing an automobile or motorcycle for the first time, getting an insurance quote can be stressful and time consuming. Generally, the more familiar your insurer is with you and your driving record the better he can serve your needs, even if your record is less than perfect. Full disclosure also allows the insured to avoid any risk of misrepresentation if it should ever become necessary to file a claim.


This is an area where your broker can be of particular assistance: helping you to navigate the terrain. There are three main categories of information required:


1. Information about You

We will need to know the names of all the drivers of the vehicle to be insured. This usually includes all licensed members of your household because it is assumed that they will use the car. Names should be the same as shown on their license. We also need to know the number of years a driver has been licensed and the percentage of time they will be using the vehicle.


Driving records of all applicants will be screened to identify applicants with undesirable driving records, including driving convictions in the last 3 years and accident claims in the last 6 years.


Insurance history for the preceding 3 to 6 years must be provided, including any occasions that resulted in cancelled, declined or refused insurance.


License history of all listed drivers must be provided for the preceding 6 years, including suspensions, cancellations and lapses.

In provinces that have public insurance, all required information is already captured by the government.


2. Information about the Car, Truck or Motorcycle

We need to know the make, model and year of the vehicle to be insured, as well as the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN and the name of the owner. Tell us about anyone else who has a financial interest in the vehicle so that they are protected in the event of a loss. If the vehicle is leased we will need information about the details and terms of the lease. Tell us whether the vehicle was purchased new or used and the value of any modifications that have been performed on it.


3. Information about Your Coverage Requirements

Finally, it is necessary that we know how the vehicle will be used. If you commute to work, what is the estimated distance traveled daily and annually? If you use your car for business will you be carrying paying passengers, transporting goods or materials, or renting the car out to other drivers? Do you have any specific requirements regarding your coverage, such as a preferred deductible or an increased liability limit? Do you require coverage during special circumstances, such as storing the car or driving it in the United States?


Auto Insurance Special Coverage

Your vehicle insurance policy likely has some flexibility built in to ensure you are covered in different situations. You should check your policy or ask your broker to be sure.


Traveling Outside the Province or Country

Your current automotive insurance coverage will apply if you use your car for short trips to other provinces or drive into the continental U.S., as long as the vehicle is used in a customary manner.


Moving to Another Province

If you are relocating long-term or permanently, you must inform your insurer and arrange for new coverage that reflects the risks that apply to your new location.


When the Car is “In the Shop”

Typically insurance policies do not provide coverage to pay for a replacement vehicle while your car is in the shop for normal maintenance or repairs. However, if your car becomes un-drivable due to damage from an accident you might be entitled to the use of a loaned vehicle, depending on the circumstances.


When Driving Someone Else’s Car

If you borrow someone else’s car you are covered by the insurance on that car. However, if you are involved in an accident, the owner’s driving record, not your own, will be affected. If you borrow a car on a regular basis, ask your broker to include a special clause in your policy to cover your use.


When Someone Else Drives Your Automobile or Motorcycle

It is important to know that when someone else is driving your automobile or motorcycle, you are still responsible for any at-fault accidents or claims. These transgressions will become a part of your driving record and affect your future premiums.


Don’t Guess

If you are not sure about your coverage, it’s better to ask your broker than to guess. Remember, if your vehicle does not have coverage at the time an accident occurs, the insurer is not obliged to pay.


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